Simetrik reconciles billions of dollars a year
for companies such as

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  • Manage risks and maintain end-to-end control in all operational, financial, and compliance processes.
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  • Automate processes from start to finish.
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  • Centralizing multiple use cases including collection flows, payment dispersals, and internal control.
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  • Accelerating transformation and adaptability.

These are some of the challenges faced by operational and financial teams.
At Simetrik, we help you solve them.

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Fast customization and scaling, processing high volumes of data.

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High technical dependency on finance teams and long implementation times.

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Control and prevent operational, reputational, and compliance risks.

With Simetrik your team can achieve:

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Adaptability to new business rules and high scalability over time, while processing large volumes of data.

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Efficiency and productivity in time and money.

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Empowered finance and operations teams working independently from IT and achieving quick wins.

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“With Simetrik, we solved contingencies on our charts that we could not achieve with other tools. Using that tool has been very positive, and the Simetrik team has been 100% available to support the process."

Carlos Ricardo Calandra
Processes and RPA, Banco Falabella

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"Everything flows much better between SAP and Simetrik, and the tools communicate well. The teams can spend their time analyzing deviations and working on remediation and recoveries, which is their main function."

Pedro Arnt
CFO, Mercado Libre

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"Thanks to Simetrik, we have improved the efficiency in blocking fraudulent users. We are now better at preventing fraud and identifying it."

Edgar Felipe Pulido
Head of Reporting and Dispersion, Rappi

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